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The Right Car Accident Lawyer Phoenix

Aug 15

If you are injured in a vehicle accident, you may consider filing a claim against the negligent party. This will help you pay for the medical bills and other damages incurred due to the accident in Phoenix, AZ.

Lloyd Baker Injury Attorneys strive to ensure our clients get the highest compensation. When pursuing an injury claim, you can settle with the at-fault party insurance company or argue your case before a jury. Our car accident lawyer Phoenix litigates cases. Let’s look at how our litigation services can benefit you.

Clear Rules and Procedures

Our Phoenix car accident attorney prefers litigation because the book does everything. Everything, including filing a lawsuit, sharing evidence, and calling on expert witnesses, is defined by clear rules and procedures. This way, it’s easy to prove fault and get the defendant to admit liability for the accident.

Valuable Perspectives

We understand it’s easy to lose perspective of the entire case during settlement discussions. This is because only two parties are involved in the situation.

Our accident attorney in Phoenix considers litigation because having a judge brings a variety of viewpoints to explore. They can help you consider various things that could be more valuable to your case. With this inclination, our Phoenix car accident attorney gets the grounds to fight for your best interests.

Authority When Cooperation is Not Given

Litigation brings authority to your car accident case. It is impossible to ignore the lawsuit as they are likely to do during settlement discussions. They know that ignoring a Auto Accident Lawyer Phoenix allows the court to rule in favor.

Newly Established Case Law

Rulings in car accident cases depend on your case's facts and the established case law. These points are rarely accounted for in out-of-court settlements, and that’s why our accident attorney Phoenix considers litigation.

 Taking your case to court allows us to rely on previous precedents that have been set to assist in building your claim. Established case law gives us the basis to fight for your best interests and to ensure you obtain maximum compensation. This is because we have everything it takes to give you the best possible legal representation.

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