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Oct 3

Structured & Unstructured Custom Cap Singapore: What Are They & How Are They Different?

Want to know more what we have to say about promotional custom cap singapore? Good! Today, we'll clarify an of our most frequently asked concerns that customers have regarding our caps. We'll describe the characteristics that make structured caps apart from non-structured models. We'll also explain various types of hat profiles and 5 panel vs . 6 panel caps. When you're done the article you'll become an experienced hat expert!

Key Differences Between Structured Custom Caps and Unstructured Custom Caps 

As stated, we'll begin by discussing the aspects that make up the distinction between structured and unstructured caps and also the advantages of both for promotional purposes. Without further delay let's get going.

Promotional Structured Custom Caps 

So, what exactly is structured custom cap singapore? It is apparent from the name, it is a type of cap where structure is the norm. The solid structure is derived from a buckram that is a tough fabric. In one of two panels the buckram is usually comprised of polyester or cotton with a light layer of plastic. Our customized company logo-designed caps are suggested when the hat will always hold its shape is required. This feature could be useful since your company's logo will be visible even when people aren't wearing caps.

Custom Unstructured Custom Caps

It's time to move in to unstructured caps. The unstructured hats that are branded that are available on our site feature significant differences when compared with structured ones. In particular, the buckram is not present. That means when they are removed from the head of the wearer They won't always maintain their shape. Additionally, they have more comfortable feel and a more loose style. This is the reason they're popular as painter's caps as well as for informal, casual occasions.

What are the Different Profile Types of Custom Cap Singapore

When you look through our selection of customized hats and caps you'll likely see terms like "high profile", "medium profile" or "low profil". These terms relate to the way that the hat is placed on the head of the wearer and each offers its own distinct advantages. The following three sections will give a brief overview of each one, step-by-step.

Custom Low Profile Cap

The most sought-after gifts for teams of sports is our personalized baseball cap. The following list of bullets will provide a brief overview of the key characteristics.

Features of Low Profile Cap

  • Very slight slant on front panel
  • It is low on the face The brim rests just above the eye and the crown only a little beyond the top of the head.
  • Casual, comfortable, and comfortable looks are well-liked by golfers and baseball players.

Wholesale Medium Profile Cap

Making the investment into purchasing our Wholesale medium profile hats to give away during your next trade show or other event is a good idea in cases where a bigger logo is needed without a crown that extends too far to the upwards. Here are a few characteristics that make the custom medium-profile cap.

Features of Medium Profile Cap

  • A steeper front panel slant when contrasted with cap with a low profile
  • Larger area for logos
  • A crown that is taller than those that are worn in low profile caps however, they are shorter than those of high-profile caps.

Promotional High Profile Cap

If it's a trucker hat that is a promotional custom cap singapore or similar wholesale giveaway that can meet one's marketing requirements, a high-profile cap is the best way to go. Our corporate logo-printed high-profile custom cap singapore and hats come with unique features that are their own. We'll talk about a few today.

Features of High Profile Caps

  • Front panels with a rigid design
  • Large, front-facing logos are displayed towards the middle of the front panel.
  • Crowns with high rise, typically extended for one inch or more over the heads of users

Custom 5 & 6 Panel Hats & Caps

Then we'll go over a little on the subject of the 5 and six panel caps. Although it could seem like a minor thing but the number of panels inside a cap can have a major impact when it comes to fashion and function is related. Do you want to know more? Learn more!

5-Panel Promotional Caps featuring Logos

What are five panel caps? We'll highlight some of the characteristics of these hats as follows:

5 Panel Cap Features

  • Front facing panels that are large and wide.
  • A small line of stitching that descends from the middle of the crown
  • Extra prominent logo display, often embroidered

Our corporate logo five panel caps are ideal to display a big detailed and complex style. Your company can design its own five-panel caps using screen printing and full color printing embroidery, heat transfer printing and dye sublimation.

Custom Printed Business Logo 6 Panel Cap

What's a six-panel cap? We'll explain it in the following table:

6 Panel Cap Features

  • The most popular style of baseball cap
  • More refined than a five-panel cap.
  • It is possible to include embroidery however, in a smaller size.
  • The appearance of a round shape is due to the even amount of panels

Purchase our corporate logo-printed 6 panel custom caps in bulk and you'll be able to use an effective marketing tool for mobile devices that is loved by everybody. The custom cap singapore can be available for use following the game or corporate event, generating ads that can be seen on the streets and on planes, trains and buses, as well as on schools and college campuses as well as bars, restaurants and everywhere that you can imagine.


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