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How Can a Lawyer at the Law Office of Carl Maltese Help Your Accident Case?

Oct 25

At the Law Office of Carl Maltese, we practice in the field of wrongful death and personal injury law in Smithtown, NY, primarily focusing on personal service and offering excellent legal representation.

How we can assist you!

Typically, we’ll start the case as an insurance claim, but we might opt to take the car accident case to court when necessary. Here are the things you should expect us to do during the legal procedure in Smithtown, NY:

Determining the Recoverable Damages

  • Gathering compelling evidence of the loss and the driver’s carelessness by assessing the medical records, police reports, and other relevant evidence Auto Accident Attorney Long Island.
  • Handling communication with all the involved parties in the lawsuit
  • Negotiating for the best compensation
  • Advising clients on compensation offers
  • Litigating on client’s behalf
  • Filing the necessary paperwork
  • Protecting client’s legal rights

We Handle the Most Complicated Aspects of a Case for You

Our Auto Accident Attorney Long Island are well-known for handling routine and complicated lawsuits. Even though some auto accident cases might seem to be more straightforward than others, an injury lawsuit can have many complications:

  • Challenge or denial to the claim: An insurance firm might attempt to claim that the injuries are not severe. The insurer might argue that the gap in the care timeline reflects on the victim making the injuries worse.
  • Lowball compensation offers: You might get unfairly low compensation offers from your insurance company that might not cover all the losses and bills.
  • The argument that you are in the wrong: You might encounter an unfair accusation of the fault and partial liability even if the other driver seems negligent. Our Auto Accident Attorney Long Island will collect evidence from the scene to present facts in the case and fight for your rights.
  • Multi-party and uncertain liability: You might not realize that many parties might be accountable for your damages Auto Accident Attorney Long Island. So, you could leave a considerable sum of money if you don’t take proper action.

At the Law Office of Carl Maltese, we understand that you and your loved ones might face many challenges as you cope with medical expenses, lost income and struggle to recover. As your lawyers, we’ll deal with the insurance firm. Our experienced Long Island car accident lawyers will handle your lawsuit's legal aspects as you focus on recovery. 

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