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What You Need to Know About Addition Construction in Santa Rosa, California

Dec 12

The addition of an existing structure in Santa Rosa, California, can be an attractive option for homeowners who want to increase the square footage of their homes at a lower cost than building a new structure. Homeowners may opt to undertake such projects for many reasons, including expanding their living space, adding a new room, renovating an existing structure, or taking advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings Santa Rosa has to offer. When you plan to undertake an addition construction project in Santa Rosa, it is important to take into consideration the requirements of the Santa Rosa Planning Department and the local building codes. This article will provide insight into the process and regulations you will need to consider in Santa Rosa prior to beginning your project. To know more, you can call Skyfarm Construction LLC.

Prior to undertaking any construction project in Santa Rosa, it is important to understand the local zoning regulations. Different types of Santa Rosa Addition Construction projects may have different zoning requirements. It is important to research the zoning regulations for any construction project to ensure that all regulations are met. If you wish, you can take the assistance of Skyfarm Construction LLC. 

Before the City of Santa Rosa can approve any Santa Rosa Addition Construction, your contractor may be required to submit a Building Reliability Survey (BRS). The purpose of the BRS is to assess the structural soundness of the existing structure and evaluate if the foundation is suitable for the additional construction project you are planning. The survey also evaluates compliance with the applicable building codes, with local land use restrictions, and identifies any potential hazards which may be of concern to the City of Santa Rosa. Skyfarm Construction LLC can survey the matter.

In addition to submitting a Building Reliability Survey to the City of Santa Rosa prior to beginning your Santa Rosa Addition Construction project, you will also need to submit a set of plans to the Planning Department. The plans should include dimensions and a layout that accurately depicts your proposed project and also incorporates your contractor’s proposed construction techniques. 

Following the submission of your contractor’s Building Reliability Survey and plans, the Planning Department will review the materials to ensure that all zoning and building codes are met. Assuming the materials are approved, your Santa Rosa Addition Construction Contractor will be required to submit a permit application to the Planning Department. Once the permit application is approved and the Santa Rosa Addition Construction project begins, the City of Santa Rosa will offer construction monitoring services to ensure that all construction is conducted in a safe, lawful, and responsible manner. Skyfarm Construction LLC can help you in every place of the project.

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