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Dec 13

One bag at one time - your Paper Bag printing Singapore guide

Teenager environmental activists Greta Thunberg was the latest to have been a catalyst for public debate on climate change by urging world leaders to pay attention and do something to safeguard the environment.

However, it's not only the politicians that must take action. Everyone can make choices that benefit the environment by reducing the amount of time we fly (a significant source of harmful emission of CO2) or making environmentally-friendly business choices.

What can my business do to be of assistance?

Every business owner owes their customers and the future generation to minimize their impact on the planet. It's easy to think that there's nothing you can do to assist but each small step is transformed into a massive leap when enough people are compelled to take action.

In addition to banning bottles of beverages and encouraging your employees to get their walk in, you should be more attentive to the image of your company. Customers today are increasingly looking for eco-friendly credentials from a business which works hard to make the right choice.

Let's take a look at the ways that something as minor as the choice you make of recycled paper bag printing singapore that are printed will affect how your people perceive you as well as your environmental impact.

The right paper bag printing Singapore to choose

Imagine you're a top-end fashion label and have traditionally utilized printed paper bags at the points of sale. You've now seen the effects of waste from plastic in the environment (not to mention the tax on plastic bags which is set to rise by 10p, and will be applicable to all retailers) you're eager to change your ways. So what options do you have?

Recycled Paper Bag Printing Singapore

Recycling products can save resources. Thus, using recycled paper bags for packaging can save new trees to be transformed into paper. It's not compromising on the quality of recycled paper: it can be found in a variety of thicknesses and is able to be reinforced so that the bag you choose fits the product you are selling, while making careful choices regarding printing, handles and finishing can provide an elegant feel.

Select paper bags which can be reused

Environmentally-friendly paper bag printing have become chic now that society is turning away from plastic. You are likely to have your paper bag printing singapore being reused by customers who are able to feel good about doing their part to help the environment. A bag that is well-designed and has eye-catching prints or clever handling and finishing is a great gift bag and is most likely to be handed out from one person to another person over its lifetime. This means that your logo and business name get noticed more often is a bonus!

There's also a rising trend of recycling and upcycling paper bag printing Singapore for crafting projects. Check out the creative concepts here that include paper lanterns and premium lunch bags. The more value you can get from each bag of paper, the more useful.

Recycle Paper Bag Printing

If your bag is at the point of no return and you decide to dispose of it, the type of bag you choose will have a greater impact. Paper and cards are among of the most simple items for people to recycle, with the majority of municipal authorities and many companies offering recycling facilities. If you've made eco-friendly choices with your products, then your bags of paper will be completely recyclable.

The most luxurious paper bag printing made from made from recycled papers or Brown Kraft may be reused, or even be composted in garden compost heaps (saving the fuel used to travel). The majority of glues used in production of recycled paper bags for example, to attach handles, are water-soluble and can be easily taken out during the recycling process.

If you wish your customized bags made of paper to be completely recyclable, you should avoid using any laminate finish because it can make the bag incompatible with recycling. Additionally, you should choose the twisted or die cut handles than rope or ribbon or you'll have to take the handles off prior to making the bag recyclable.

It's comforting to know that even if something happens and your bag is thrown in the wilderness at the very least, it will decay naturally, rather than laying in streams or fields to pollute or trap.

What are the disadvantages of recycling paper bags in my company?

The majority of printing recyclable bag or paper bag printing singapore made of kraft like those we sell from the Luxury Paper Bags, are naturally brown in color. This creates a feeling of being connected to the earth, but it can mean that you must be cautious when printing on bags.
The most sophisticated multi-coloured designs usually contain white areas that are printed by omitting any printing and letting the white paper be visible. The effect doesn't work with brown (or any colour) paper. Furthermore color prints are easily taken up by brown paper. This means that the depth of their prints is diminished as all colours be able to take on a brown color upon printing them on brown papers.
The ideal way to print with recycled Kraft papers is to choose simple, simple logos as well as bigger texts. These give an impression of a quiet sophistication perfect for eco-friendly luxury packaging.

Do I really need a bag even?

It's also possible that you don't require bags at all. Tissue Paper printed offers enough protection for a wide range of items, and is equally simple to personalize. It is easy to reuse for wrapping or padding. It is typically made from recycled materials that easily compost.

Can you do your part to in saving the planet?

Absolutely. If every company takes the initiative to source their products responsibly the benefits to the environment could be immense.
Save the world one bag at time!



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